Healthy and Fit Can Be Contagious

Drake Stadium
Drake Stadium at UCLA where many students, faculty and locals in the community go regularly to run, walk, climb and exercise. One of my favorite places to exercise in Los Angeles too.

I started working with a very busy real estate executive named Robin about six weeks ago who travels often for work, lives between two cities (Orange County and Los Angeles) forcing her to commute 4 hrs a week, has the typical demanding work load and a typical schedule for most executives at her level. And on top of all these challenges, Robin’s goal is to lose 70 lbs to attain optimal health and fitness so her inner star can shine brighter.

Robin and I met six week ago through a fortuitous introduction by one of my colleagues, Derek whom I’ve known and worked with for almost a decade. Derek works with Robin’s company to supply gym equipment to their real estate residential buildings. Robin addressed the need and want of a personal trainer to Derek so he recommended she work with me and coincidently, Robins office is in the same building as my private health and fitness studio, Acceleration. And so our working relationship was born.

Robin is no stranger to the demands put on the mind and body to lose weight because she’s done this successfully several times. However, I told Robin, “I will be the last and best trainer you’ve ever had! Not because I want to work with you for the rest of your life or that I’m cocky. But because my goal for you is to lose the 70 lbs and keep those 70 lbs off for the rest of your life!” Needless to say she was a bit skeptical, but excited for that possibility.

In the past six weeks, Robin has lost 10.5 lbs or another way of looking at it and my preferred way, is that she’s 15% toward her goal. Robin is shining and is starting to inspire those around her causing others in her personal and professional life to become motivated to get active. This is why Being Healthy and Fit Can Be Contagious. 

The reason why I am writing about this is because Robin was ecstatic about the responses she’s getting from others in her life. She shared a text message with me that showed the positive responses from several people in her office who she invited to go for a walk with her at the UCLA campus track. Because Robin is shining brighter, feeling more energy and wanting to share the positivity with others she was able to rally a small group for a rigorous walk. Furthermore, Robins husband, who is for the most sedentary, has gone for walks with her over the past two weekends. She couldn’t be more thrilled to have her partner in life share in her health and fitness journey, but also begin that journey for himself organically.

Here are two of my healthy and fit prescriptions I give to all my clients.

  1. Share with others such as family, friends and coworkers what your goals are and why this is important to you and how they could support you.
  2. Recruit others to be healthy and fit with you. For example, ask your spouse to go for a walk with you or coworkers to meet you at the park for a jog. This way you won’t feel like you’re doing it alone and you’re building a healthy and fit community around you for long term success.

I am super excited for Robin and those in her life that she’s inspiring to be better in their own health and fitness pursuits. This is a clear example of some of the benefits one can expect when their inner star shines brighter through the pursuit of optimal health and fitness.

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