The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen
More and more people are demanding food free of synthetic chemicals. But recent analysis of tests by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that nearly 70% of samples of 48 types of conventionally grown produce were contaminated with pesticide residues.
The USDA found a total of 178 different pesticides and pesticide breakdown products on the thousands of produce samples it analyzed. The pesticides remained on fruits and vegetables even when they are washed and, in some cases, peeled.
When buying organic produce is not an option, use this buyers guide to choose foods lower in pesticide residues. But when you do have the option to buy organic, always do so.
The Dirty Dozen List:
  1.  Strawberries
  2. Spinach
  3. Nectarines
  4. Apples
  5. Peaches
  6. Pear
  7. Cherries
  8. Grapes
  9. Celery
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Sweet Bell Peppers
  12. Potatoes
  13. I recommend getting this vegetable and fruit wash to help reduce the possible contamination of your fruits and vegetables.
Steve Jordan is a certified personal trainer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and well regarded health & fitness educator. He is also an accomplished lacrosse player and remains to this day very involved in the sport. He is sole proprietor of Steve Jordan Fitness located in Los Angeles, owns and operates a successful lacrosse business in Florida and fulfills his passion for health and fitness through his blog, public speaking engagements and through personal training his clients.
Yours in Health & Fitness,
Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, PES, CES, CPT, HLC
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Should You Take A Vitamin D Supplement?

I heard vitamin D is a good supplement to take. But I’m not quite sure why I should. Can you please give me a good reason why I should add this vitamin to my daily supplement routine.”  William

As we age and live busy lifestyles we don’t need different nutrients as much as we may need different dosages to compensate for some of the inevitable age related changes that happen in our mind and bodies. I researched and came up with several important reasons why, which I will comment on later in this blog. My comments here are not intended to replace medical advise and are only designed to offer insights into the possible benefits   of taking dietary supplements. NOTE:  If you are unsure if taking supplements is right for you, or if you have an existing medical condition and/or if you are taking medications that could interfere with supplementation, you should ask your health care provider or Doctor.

As we age, our skin is less able to synthesize or use Vitamin D and we are spending more time in doors because the risk of skin cancer from over exposure to the sun. As a result, we may not be getting enough sun exposure to facilitate synthesis of Vitamin D, leading to a deficiency and causing other challenges including absorption of calcium promoting strong bones. Studies suggest the deficiency of Vitamin D and the poor mineralization of calcium can contribute to osteoporosis in both women and men.

Vitamin D also also helps to strengthen your immune system and protects against a number of serious illnesses including hypertention, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and psoriasis. In addition, there is more evidence suggested it’s role in preventing cancers.

Throughout life you should always try to get most f the nutrients you need out of food in a well balanced diet, but as we get busier and aging doesn’t cease, that may not be as easy as it once was. For these reasons, I would suggest supplementing Vitamin D into your daily intake of vitamins to address the potential deficiencies discussed above.

I recommend reviewing this site to find the best brand that is convenient for you to purchase and fits within your budget.

Yours in health and fitness,

Steve Jordan

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Settle For More

“This is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.” Kurt Hahn

When you hear the word “settle” doesn’t it make you want to shrink in your seat or want to crawl up in a ball? I know it did for me until I started using this word with a different context. Rather than using the word settling with the meaning of with less or average, use “settle” with an empowering and positive meaning by  adding two words on the end of it. “Settle For More“. Say it again out loud, “Settle For More“. It sounds good doesn’t it! Sure it does. That’s because it is good and if you want more in your life, more in your health and more in your fitness, than this simple solution of rearranging words will have a massive impact in your life.

Listen up, you are outstanding! That’s right, you! But you have to believe you are. There is more in you than you know my friend. And the very fact that you are reading this blog post is a testament to your unwillingness to settle for less. You see growth is one of the 6 basic human needs according to Tony Robbins. Tony says, “If you are not growing, you’re are dying.”

And too often I experience the client who has the settle of less mentality, but hey that’s why am in business, to change peoples lives from the inside out. And I do a damn good job of it.  My star client’s have clear and concise goals with realistic outcomes, but they too get stuck in a mind set of settling for less just your or I. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t. I’m a keen listener to certain words that tip me off and give me a clear picture whether or not someone is Settling For More. The words that I listen for give me clues and an opening to coach. Words like “try”, “I’m not” or “I can’t” are some of the more common words or phrases I hear. If you’re someone who is not settling for less than I am sure you are using these disempowering words too.

Two solutions I use with my clients and that you should too if you want to Settle For More:

  1. Change your language. Changing your language is one the easiest and most effective ways to Settle For More. The language we use daily can move you towards or away from your goals. Pay attention to the words you use, especially words like “I can’t, I’m not or try”. Change these words to “I can, I am or I do”. This simple strategy of changing your words will help you towards your goals.
  2. Write down your goals without a filter. What if you had no limits as to what you could achieve or how much you could grow. Imagine that a “Genie” granted you 5 minutes to wish for anything that you could think of. Set your timer on your phone or clock for 5 minutes and start writing these goals and visions down in a notebook or on a clean piece of paper. Write fast and don’t get caught up in analyzing or filtering them. Remember you can have or be anything you can think of.

After the 5 minutes is up please finish your last thought and put the pencil or pen down. Put this notebook or paper away until the next morning. Don’t look at it. Don’t peak at it. You can think about what you wrote, but don’t look at it. The next morning wake up and read those goals or desires out loud. Hear yourself saying what you wrote down. Envision yourself being what you wrote down. Take it all in. Keep an open mind. Don’t try and figure out how you’re going to get there. That’s not the purpose of this exercise. Put the notebook away. And repeat this process of reading these notes out loud every morning for the next 21 days.

At the end of the 21 days let me know if you’ve gotten closer to achieving these goals. If you’re goal was to be a millionaire and you only had $10 in your bank account, the chances are that you’re not going to be close to your goal. However, I would bet that you’ve thought up a few ways that can lead you towards being a millionaire or you’ve already implemented that plan. And if you did, I applaud you for taking massive action to Settle For More. And if you didn’t, that’s ok too. This exercise is not a magic bullet to get you on the fast track towards more. It is however, an exercise to get your language and dreams in alignment for you to maximize your potential.

I’m a big believer in the power of peer influence. Hmmm maybe that’s my next blog post. Well either way, I believe that you should read, listen to, watch and mimic others who are doing what you want to be doing. I recommend reading Settle For More Meghan Kelly, the Anchor of the number one news show on cable, The Kelly File, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly writes her much anticipated book called , a revealing and surprising memoir detailing her rise as one of the most respected journalists working today. From the values and lessons that have shaped her career, to her time at the center of the chaotic 2016 Republican presidential primary, this book offers an inside look at an uncompromising woman’s journey to the top of the news business.

Settle For More my friends because your worth and you deserve it!

Steve Jordan, Trainer To The Stars

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LA Marathon 2017

Yesterday I ran the LA Marathon 2017 and I had never ran a marathon before. The longest distance that I ever ran was a 1/2 marathon about four years ago. And after that event I swore I would never do another 1/2 again or run a full marathon. I said my body was not the right fit for a full marathon because I  needed to be built differently, but now after completing the LA Marathon 2017, I actually know it was only my mind that wasn’t the right fit at the time.

You see I had so many barriers that I put up around running a full marathon.

  1. I was too old. At 42 yr old why would I put my body through that kind of stress. I needed to preserve it were the conversations I would have with myself and even with client’s.
  2. In 2004 I had lower back surgery to repair a herniated disc so why would I stress that and risk injuring it again.
  3. If I couldn’t be the best or near the best then why would I even attempt doing it. When I ran the 1/2 marathon I competed with myself and finished in the top 3% of my age group and top 7% of the all racers. I killed it! It was amazing and I’m proud of myself for doing that, but it made me not want to do another race.
  4. It’s too long. I can’t imagine running for over 1 and 1/2 hours which is how long it took me to do the 1/2 marathon.
  5. I’m just not interested. I didn’t care if others did it. I didn’t see it as a big accomplishment. And I frankly, I kind of thought it was stupid to run that long. Why would anyone put their bodies through that.

But now I am on the other side. A part of an elite “club” of men, women, children, elders, handicap and the like who pushed their not only their bodies yesterday, but their minds through an experience that was life changing for me.

All different people of shapes, sizes, purposes, etc.

I didn’t train for months or even weeks, I signed up a week ago from today with one of my client’s who was already registered.  She had been kind of flailing in her own training and came into our Monday session with deep concern that she wasn’t ready. Listening to her concerns I asked her, “Do you want me to do this with you?” She said, “You would do that?!” I said, “Of course!” And so she pulled out her credit card and signed me up. I was registered for my first marathon!

I had a mixed bag of emotions from excitement to fear that I wasn’t going to be good enough to finish or that she would have to carry me to the finish line. But we both created an intention that we wouldn’t have any expectations on it. This was a huge lesson for me since as I stated earlier, one of my biggest barriers was that if I wasn’t the best, I wouldn’t do it. Our intention was as Nike says it best, “just do it”. Whether we walked/run, walked or ran, we would “just do it”. And so it went. However, I still had a competitive bug knawing at my psyche saying, “you have to run, you have be great”. During the week I started to run. I ran 3x over the 5 days including a 4 mile, 7 mile and 9 mile mile run that still did not add up to 26.2 miles and I started to get a bit concerned for myself, but I felt certain I would finish.

Other than running regime I quickly picked up, I got a massage, I soaked in a hot and cold tub, I stretched, did some yoga, core work and light bicycle to keep moving without over doing it. I wanted to get my body as balanced and as ready as possible with the limited time. Sunday morning I woke up at 5am feeling great mentally and physically and as ready as I ever could be to “just do” the LA Marathon 2017.

I put my running gear on, packed dates and bar in my pockets and a water for the ride to Dodger Stadium where the marathon would commence. The night before the marathon that I thought would really make this experience even more impactful. I decided to write down 5 things that no longer served me, my family or my life and to leave these qualities at the start of the marathon. And I also  wrote down 5 things that I was committed to being after completing the marathon which I would say out loud when I finished. This was an awesome exercise and I have embraced my new “BAD ASS” self!

I’m so happy I did it!

We finished the marathon in 4 hrs and 55 minutes which was a very respectable time considering we had very little time to prepare. I was more than satisfied and proud of myself.  In mile 23 and post marathon muscles soreness and cramping set in like I never experienced.  I was almost unable to walk and it felt like am going to feel when I am 100 years old. I committed myself to a proper recovery method like eating clean, soaking in hot and cold tub, massage, foam rolling, stretching and I getting to bed early for a great night sleep.

I woke up feeling amazing! I had the normal muscle soreness, but  my mood and energy was vibrating on a different level. I also couldn’t stop thinking of when and where I might embark on another outstanding experience like this one to prove that “I AM…A BAD ASS”.

Thank you Ruth for letting me join you on this extraordinary experience and being a great marathon running partner! I am honored and truly appreciative that we did it together!

We did it!

If you’ve run a marathon you know how I am feeling.  There are no words that can really do it justice! And for those who haven’t taken a chance by participating in an event that will challenge your mind and body, I say, “JUST DO IT!” The community, the support and the encouragement you get from others is truly what makes us human and our lives enriched. Thank you for all that came out to supply water, bars, snacks, gatorade, music, signs and encouragement! And you never know, you might find a “Star” in the crowd, Jay Leno was supporting the marathon on the corner of Santa Monica and Sepulveda. I said hello and he gave me a few quick words of encouragement. “Keep on moving!”

Keep on moving my friends and live the life you deserve!

Yours in health and fitness,

Steve Jordan, Trainer To The Stars

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Remaining “Unshakable” is the key to fitness and financial success.

Definition: Unshakable – of a belief, feeling, or opinion that is strongly felt and unable to be changed. Synonyms: Unwavering, inflexible, unflappable

Today is the release of “Unshakable”. A book by one of my greatest and most profound mentors, Tony Robbins. 

Unshakable is a step-by-step playbook, taking you on a journey to transform your financial life and accelerate your path to financial freedom. No matter your salary, your stage of life, or when you started, this book will provide the tools to help you achieve your financial goals more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

Why am I writing about a book that’s based on helping to build financial success? Well because I believe your financial success is no different than your success in health and fitness. Tony Robbins believes that “80% of success is psychology and 20% is mechanics”. That’s right you read correct. It’s more about what you believe in and your confidence in your success than it is about the latest fitness trend. I get asked the question all the time, “What is your favorite exercise or fitness program Steve?” And my answer to this question always is, “The one you do over and over again.” Yes, there are absolutely some exercises and programs that are better than others, but to get results you have to be “Unshakable” in your pursuit to master and excel. And that my friends comes with repetition of execution.

I’ve been to over a 1/2 dozen Tony Robbins seminars including UPW four times, Business Mastery and Leadership Academy. My first experience attending his seminars was 10 years ago with the intent to prepare myself when I opened my health and fitness studio, Steve Jordan Acceleration here in Los Angeles. But to my surprise I didn’t get specific tools to help me grow my business or to be successful. However, I did absorb a wealth of knowledge to improve the quality of my life to be better able to serve and raise my standards. I highly recommend anyone to attend his conferences. I’ve enrolled and enlisted over a dozen friends and client’s and not one of them was disappointed with their experience.

I’ve already purchased and downloaded this book on and I am eager to listen to it. I am excited to share with you some of the findings and results I gain. I know it seems off the wall for me to be recommending reading a book on financial success when your primary challenges and motivations lie in health and fitness. But I promise you that you’ll find meaningful and useful information that will affect you to be “Unshakable” and give you a better chance of having success in all areas of your life including your health and fitness.

Enjoy the read or listen and let this community know how it has impacted you.

Yours in health and fitness,

Steve Jordan, Trainer To The Stars

Thank you for reading and visiting my site Trainer To The Stars! Please share with your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers if you’ve learned or felt this blog was motivating, inspiring or educational. Your shares and comments will help get the positive message out so together we can help the world shine bright and bolder!  You can learn more about my career and accomplishments at